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    Important announcements about the game and the website.
  • Minor Updates
    A list of any minor changes to the site that do not warrant a full-blown announcement.

SSW Stuff

  • SSW Help Desk
    ASK HERE!!! This is the place to ask questions about the game or the site.
  • The Popsickle's Guide To The Universe
    LEARN HERE!!! This is where the recently-thawed can learn a bit about the mysteries of the SSW Universe.
  • SSW Discussion
    For anything related to the game that does not fall under one of the other forums.
  • Community
    A forum for discussion of the hearty-heart community stuff.
  • Contests
    Post your contests here!


  • General Discusso
    The place to post about anything NOT related to SSW that is witty, interesting, intelligent, or all of the above.
  • Butterflies And Rainbows
    The place where your fragile eyes and ears are protected from the harsh, vulgar realities of life.
  • WTF
    Reserved for shock pictures, flame wars, and otherwise shitty posts that don't belong anywhere else.