Cast your nominations for Miss SSW 2016 now!!

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    Cast your nominations for Miss SSW 2016 now!!
    I was looking through my old blog posts, and I saw where I had started a Miss SSW poll back in 09 (I think Salen was in on it too). It made me giggle, so I want to do it again for our special cycle. Last time around was kind of a fail poll, because gulogulo won by default as she was the only female in the poll. I did all the nominees myself, so my bad. This time around I want to nominate guys only. So nominate your fave guy from each society, and I'll create a poll for Miss SSW 2016. Munk gets an automatic nomination.
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    Prydera - Eastern Stars
  • Posted By: Me  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    Me! :D
  • Posted By: datacore  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    Too bad it's only guys. I'd nominate jigue01 if she qualified. Because duh.