Changes to Ore Trading Ports and Databuddy

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    Changes to Ore Trading Ports and Databuddy
    Apparently talking to myself in chat:

    SSW 19:46 munk: oh, was just messing around with the trade ports and a new trade suit.
    SSW 19:47 munk: added a suit-specific trade boost in addition to the belt & gloves boosts
    SSW 19:47 munk: step 1 in fixing the problem with the sexy space trader outfit
    SSW 19:48 munk: step 2 will require erasing and rejiggerring the two costumes using the apple boots, so will likely happen at next reset.
    SSW 19:50 munk: however, in the meantime, I made a proper suit using the upcoming IOTM. it models the new behavior and adds an additional 5% to the pre-markup price in addition to the 10% belt and gloves boost
    SSW 19:51 munk: later on, the fixed apple suit will do the same, but for now it's unchanged.
    SSW 20:29 munk: also, Databuddy Trader List now is aware of what you're wearing and will give proper prices from now on.

    Anyway, that new set of IOTM space boots and Dangerously Sexy Space Trading outfit is tested and working and gives an additional 5% trade boost when selling ore. It is fueled by Bofhozonite and works with all versions of the Green Giant Gloves and Magnotronic Belts (for an additional 10% trade boost each, total possible trade boost now 25% with full suit). Anybody excited?
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    damn I gotta get me some new stuff soon