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  • Dream ramblings
    So, I had a dream that there was an SSW meet-up. I was in a room with a bunch of y'all, the power went out, and one of you was freaking the *fuck* out. Screaming out names, asking if they were there. A few brave souls tried to wrangle the poor wretch who was, apparently, slicker than a greased pig. The whole group came crashing into me, and I latched onto our screamer like a tick on a hound dog and just kept repeating "you're ok, we're ok, everything's going to be alright".
  • The scripts aren't working
  • So, I'm a dumbass dork...
    And have no clue why I didn't share this sooner. https://counter.social/web/getting-started
  • I'm a dork
    I got excited at the grocery store today when passing garlic croutons.
  • I wanna be Your Lover
  • Stickers
    Centuries ago i got something in the mail after donating to ssw. If memory serves me right (which it never does) i believe i got a ssw sticker. Did this ever exist in the first place and, if so, are there any left? I have an empty spot on my pc tower that would give it a nice warm home.
  • Hey, look what came in the mail today! :D
  • Poker?
    Any of you guys play online poker?
  • I must say...
    Happy New Year to all of you!
  • Huggles & Pwnies, bitches!
    Well, right when we relaunched the game in November, quite a few of you asked "What about Huggles & Ponies?" - and at the time I couldn't find a complete copy of the backup of that old joke game. You remember, it came about because people used to complain about PvP to the common refrain "This ain't Huggles & Ponies, you know!"
  • New/Old Players
    So I wonder how many of the new players are just people who have forgotten their old login info? :P
  • How about some music?
    I rather miss the streaming radio that used to be run for SSW.
  • Get Yours Today!
  • Cast your nominations for Miss SSW 2016 now!!
    I was looking through my old blog posts, and I saw where I had started a Miss SSW poll back in 09 (I think Salen was in on it too). It made me giggle, so I want to do it again for our special cycle. Last time around was kind of a fail poll, because gulogulo won by default as she was the only female in the poll. I did all the nominees myself, so my bad. This time around I want to nominate guys only. So nominate your fave guy from each society, and I'll create a poll for Miss SSW 2016. Munk gets an automatic nomination.
  • Bad year to be Brittish
    And so passed another great...RIP Alan Rickman, you will be missed *sniff*
  • Space Oddity
    Yeah, any Oddfellows that want to change their avatars to something David Bowie related, I'll pay for it for you. And probably for anyone else who asks nicely.
  • Snag the nubs!
    I note there are an increasing number of new users signing up and getting to about degree 8 and giving up. I would encourage Societies to reach out to them before they get too far in the degrees to recruit and offer assistance. (:
  • Adverts are funny
    so I just noticed tonight that there are adverts running at the bottom of my screen...so I take a peek, an then start laughing. Oh My God! those are the best SSW adverts I have ever seen! thank you for making my night, I needed that laugh so bad
  • I miss Kallisti and Demolition
    I miss BadPrincezz too, but I'm friends with her on Facebook so it's not so bad. Who were you friends with back in the day who's not around anymore?
  • Munk and Tori on CBS Sunday Morning 2-5-12
    http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7397608n enjoy!
  • Fluxx
    Anyone here play fluxx? I figure this is the type of crowd that would, if any did. It's a card game for anyone that hasn't played and it's a ton of fun. If you got a few bucks to drop, hit it up on amazon and grab original fluxx or pirate fluxx. Anyone that hasn't played, which fluxx(s) do you like?
  • Invitations to all
    so since i've started a KOl account and found a bunch of ssw peeps there, carrec and i thought it would be nifty to have a clan for ssw refugees. so i set one up invited a few hoopy froods, and bam, we have a clan. it's nothing truly awesome, but thanks to one rockin dude, we have stuff, and stuffier stuff; so, If you is wandering around and join KOL or already play and your clan is just quiet and dull, feel free to message me (salen on KOL too, i know not very creative but what can you do) and i'll throw you a white list and stuff:) or just search for it if you choose "silverhome"
  • Merry Xmas one and all
    from our house to yours:) hope everyone here has a great holiday!
  • google+
    ok so i finally made a google+ and if anyone is interested i'm on as Salen Valari; i have a facebook too as Salen si if anyone wants to keep in touch just message me:) i've found alot of vintage ssw'ers so far on fb, but only a couple on google+. makes me feel like a stalker sometimes LOL!!
  • Happy Thanksgiving
    want to wish everyone here a warm and happy Thanksgiving!! Hope your time with friends and family is memorable
  • Rakka is very sorry...
    But Rakka is very tired. Rakka will also stop referring to himself in the third person.
  • Starblazers
    For those who liked the Anime series, apparently they mad a live action film...