Databuddy has "Notes" again...

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    Databuddy has "Notes" again...
    The one thing that worked on the old Databuddy was the note-taking area, but that got removed with the re-write. Someone asked about that at the time and I made a mental note to re-add it, and now it's re-added.
  • Posted By: Rakkasan  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    Awesome, that was something that I'd meant to ask about maybe being put back in. :D
  • Posted By: Julionics  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    Thank you.... much easier to have it there then to open another program (word) to copy things.
  • Posted By: Schmurrr  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    What Rakka and Julionics said. :)
  • Posted By: UniqueCrash5  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    I had been using Google Keep... This'll be nice.
  • Posted By: grimdel  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    On a side note - I just rediscovered the RPS Helmet. It used to be given out as a Barnimus lodge quest, but its now at the weapons shop in Flambe. A bit pricey at 500k sb, but allows you to play the MMG.