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    End of cycle ideas
    I think there should be huge incentives to take space and win the cycle. At the current pace, I may draw social security before this one ends. be gentle with me since I do not know if these have been brought up before.

    I think sectors held by a society should factor in lodge prices and factory production.
    Tie factory production with DP experience and percentage of space held.
    A players earns trade and/or turns on the hour with how much space (percentage) his/hers society controls. Give bonuses for asteroids and traders that are controlled by the society.
    Tie power gained with the number of drones you have dropped.

    Just some ideas.
  • Posted By: xKiv  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    I think ... this sounds like "whoever paints the sky gets to win, because they get huge bonuses" instead of the current "whoever paints the sky needs to have really good reserves if they want to win"?
  • Posted By: Arikel  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    The incentive to win is to win. The length of time it takes is the length of time it takes. Yeah it seems like one should have more incentive - but really it's not so very necessary. Take into account certain team sizes and some can literally crush their opponents. Look at the last attempt that Orange just made - we're literally like a 5 person team against the giant red & blue teams - I think we did pretty good considering that. We didn't have any real snipers like the blue & red teams did and we certainly didn't have the numbers - but we frickin tried now didn't we.
  • Posted By: Rakkasan  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    Yeah, things were already pretty stacked against small teams before, I mean, you could work around some stuff, if you really really hustled, to be far more effective than "normal", but now with the current alterations to foods, turns, farming, constitution, etc etc, it is making dimiting practically requisite to be competitive, and, so, with the idea of giving a "size based bonus" for everything on top, because you can slap stuff down in space? Eh... like big teams that can field dedicated drone-unaware PvP snipers and dimit monsters that can push UA to the benefit of their team and all need MORE benefits? Eh...
  • Posted By: grimdel  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    I think the incentive to win is always there - bragging rights and an entry in the hall of records.

    Its just hard to meet the winning conditions with such a small, spread out playerbase. Maybe we need an adjusting quadrant - enlarging/shrinking sector counts to match the size of the active playerbase? Could simulate this by having the emperor declaring quarrentined sectors maybe?
  • Posted By: Squiffle  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    We're only close to the average war duration now (I calculate that at 72 days, although some of the cycle start dates I have are approximate and the rules have changed along the way).

    The longest war (#16) lasted 180 days, so this war would have to still be going in June to beat that.

    SSW just isn't for the impatient. :-)

    Here's what my history script says about war durations:
    On 3008-01-07, War 1 ended, after 37 days
    On 3008-04-07, War 2 ended, after 84 days
    On 3008-06-03, War 3 ended, after 50 days
    On 3008-08-20, War 4 ended, after 72 days
    On 3008-09-23, War 5 ended, after 20 days
    On 3008-12-12, War 6 ended, after 72 days
    On 3009-05-08, War 7 ended, after 109 days
    On 3009-06-15, War 8 ended, after 30 days
    On 3009-08-05, War 9 ended, after 47 days
    On 3010-01-24, War 10 ended, after 169 days
    On 3010-03-14, War 11 ended, after 38 days
    On 3010-04-19, War 12 ended, after 31 days
    On 3010-05-22, War 13 ended, after 29 days
    On 3010-10-22, War 14 ended, after 145 days
    On 3010-12-11, War 15 ended, after 45 days
    On 3011-06-17, War 16 ended, after 180 days
    On 3011-10-01, War 17 ended, after 84 days
    On 3011-12-05, War 18 ended, after 54 days
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      Quote "Squiffle":  

    SSW just isn't for the impatient. :-)

    excellent perspective check :D