Facilities retuning

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    Facilities retuning
      Quote "crashnburn11":  

    -Factories are not the main source of drone creation anymore, so capturing enemy holdings doesn't have as much affect. Also, the current factory depletion rate when captured is so slow that it took 1-1/2 months (!) for the ES factories we had left under our control to finally implode the other day. That is a lot of time to plan out a dimit, and far more time than you need to plan out a counter attack.

    Factories need tuning then. Perhaps not so much with the levels they produce, but the rate at which it happens?

    Currently facility maintenance happens on the daily roll, once per day. I could double both production and the rate of decay by simply running the maintenance every 12 hours, or triple it by running it 3 times a day. Bonus: more chances to collide facilities at different points of the day. Downside: faster decay means vigilant maintenance, but that might not be a bad thing.
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    I think vigilant maintenance is a good thing. It gives 33's more to do.