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The place to post about anything NOT related to SSW that is witty, interesting, intelligent, or all of the above.

  • Holidaze
    The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,
  • Hump Day Mode
  • Same as it ever was...
  • Hehe, Satan thrown down to earth again?
  • Good-news/Bad-news
    I have seen a request for this to start back up. Rules if I remember correctly were simple, first post is good news the next post is bad news. We keep going in that order to tell a story of sorts. If this is wrong please remind me.
  • So I saw the new Star Wars...
    .. and no spoilers or anything, but dang, does JJ Abrams not know how solar systems work? six planets sharing an orbit, close enough that the inhabitants of these planets can see what's happening to the other planets just by looking off a balcony in a city so full of light pollution it's likely you wouldn't even be able to see the moon???
  • And you thought George Lucas came up with the Lightsaber
  • star trek theories
    this was pretty funny, I enjoyed it
  • The Iron Age of TV SciFi: Quark, 1978
    Ahh, 1978 - the year after Star Wars awoke the world to science fiction again. Television jumped on the gravy train in 1978, but television was about sketch comedy in the late 70's, and so while there were semi-serious attempts at SciFi like "Battlestar Galactica" and "Logan's Run", there were also attempts where it was obvious that staff writers were visited one morning by an executive shouting "We Need a Science Fiction Show *NOW*!"
  • The Iron Age of SciFi: Ranier Beer, 1978
    If you could only get Rainier beer at Jork's...
  • I should really make a boss mob in the Pharma Lab...
    .. and his name should be "Dr. Stalin".
  • So watcha' watching?
    "Unnecessary violence in the apprehension of the Blues Brothers has been approved."
  • I've been working on a game...
    I've been working on a game that might interest SSW players, and I'm pretty close to done. It's horror-themed rather than scifi, but it's built along similar lines: a browser-based RPG that revolves around membership in one of several secret societies along with other players, with whom you work together against the other societies.
  • Special Birthday
    Today is a special Birthday to a few, proud Marines. I know a few of you who are (Prydera, Kimo, Demosmike) and I know there are a few that are in the game that I don't know are Marines so here it is for all to see:
  • KOL security breach
    Hey all! *waves* I haven't had time to play in forever, but I was here to change my password and wanted to post this for anyone who hadn't seen it already, since I know a lot of you have KOL accounts as well (sorry if this has been posted elsewhere already! Couldn't find it with a quick search):
  • Karaoke?
    Do you indulge?