General Tips to SSW enjoyment!

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    General Tips to SSW enjoyment!
    * Read everything carefully. This game has a lot of hints scattered through out the various encounters you will chance upon, be they fights, conversations, or a quick romp in the ol sack. The denizens of this universe are extremely helpful and can often hint, nay, spoiler, you the solution to a particular quest.

    * Double, triple, quadruple check your inventory, and remember, items in the game are sometimes not simply called "X". The are sometimes called "A Y of X". For example, it is not "Rum", it is a "Bottle of Rum".

    * Distance can be a life saver in the game. All weapons used by you or the monsters has an effective range. You, and the monsters, can not over reach the effective range of the weapons. Thus, if you stay out of the monster's range, the monsters can not hit you.

    * Sometimes being kind is better than being destructive. Just sayin.

    * Your lodge has a sleep pod. It is useful. Try it sometimes.

    * Your lodge master has many interesting things to say. Things like where, who, and/or how, you can complete your degree.

    * Much of the game mechanic can be learned by watching your stats. Look at what happens to it when you perform X action. It will help you build your character into that space bad ass you really want he/she/it to be.

    * The full-o- and drun-o- and horny-o-meters only goes to MAX, however, your fullness, drunkness, and horniness can exceed known human bounds. Mouse over it to see the numerical representation of how full/drunk/horny you are. i know this is in the FAQ, but i figure, if it is in multiple places, maybe the message will finally sink in?

    * Pay attention to the properties of your arms and armour. They don't all function on the basis of protecting or damaging just health.

    * Just like you would check your packs before you travel, check your inventories for essentials before you blast off. Space is an awful cold and lonely place to be on empty.

    * Pay attention to the attire of people you encounter in the game. They may often let you know what constitutes an outfit.

    * Pay attention to all your "O-meters"! A balance player is a happy player indeed! All your "O-meter"-able stats affect your game play!