History, according to Vonbek the chronically hallucinating: The Amaranth

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    History, according to Vonbek the chronically hallucinating: The Amaranth
    In the year 2946, a little known society called The Order of the Amaranth rose up from the shadow of the dark earth and took military control of Empire of United States and all her protectorates and outer space colonies. In the subsequent years, diplomatic battles and warfare raged, in secrecy and in broad day dark, all over the universe. First to fall was the Yee-hawdian Confederacy of United Theocratic States. Soon after, the Solarian Republic capitulated under circumstances many have come to call "suspicious". With the fall of the Yee-hawdian and Solarian states, the Order of the Amaranth took effective control of munch of the universal belief systems. Predictably, planet states great and small, with out the religious succor they have grown complacent to, and poisoned from the inside by the preachings of Amaranthian controlled religious organs, slowly imploded to the will of the Order of the Amaranth. On the fateful Day of Universal Independence, the Seventeenth day of the Nineth month of the Two Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty Sixth year of our Amaranthian calendar, Joshua Norton officially took control of Universal governance, becoming the first Emperor of The Entire Universe.

    However, the history of the Amaranth goes back to times of yore. In the beginning, the Order of the Amaranth was in fact a part of the two founding universal societies, the Order of the Eastern Star and the Illuminati.

    The Order of the Eastern Star is an order dedicated to the rule of chaos, that is to say, the rule of entropy, where order shall not govern the life and actions of universal life forms. The Illuminati, however, is dedicated to the rule of law and order. Dedicated to a life void of entropy, where form and order shall govern the life life and actions of all universal life forms.

    It is said that when time begun, the first people found complete peace and joy in the paradise of the young universe. Soon, however, boredom set in. One group of the early people, content in the predictability of life, sat content in rustic arm chairs and relaxed while a second group of early people begun to fret about the lack of action. One fateful day in that early universe, a person belonging to the fretters spied a fallen fruit laying on the ground sullying the perfect order and cleanliness of the world. This person quickly picked up the fruit of chaos and was overtaken by a great desire to instigate action. Weighing various scenarios, the person decided that the course of action that will generate the most action lies in the throwing of the fruit at a member of the content group, peacefully dozing on the arm chair. Thus was the first volley of chaos fired. Soon, the two groups separated, each looking for a position to better propagate it's universal belief. The fretters headed east, in search of more fruit, becoming the Order of the Eastern Star. The content group stayed where they are, cleaning up the fruity mess, calling themselves The Illuminati after all the ethereal lights they saw with their heavily concussed eyes.

    From that early split on, the Illuminati has been forever attempting to right the wrongs of the first flung fruit while the Order of the Eastern Star has been looking to prevent the first boredom from settling over the universe again. Over time, each society suffered splinter group who thought that a change from the rigorous believes will lead to ultimate success. From the Illuminati came the Society of the Oddfellows, who thought that a little bit of entropy in a mostly ordered world is good for everyone concerned. From the Order of the Eastern Star arose the Triad Cabal, who thought that, though entropy is good, some judgment should be passed to prevent complete disorder. From within the now further complexed struggle, came movement of members from society to society, seeking a philosophy that best suited their thoughts. As time went on, the increased mixing begun forming a secret secret society from within the Order of the Eastern Star. Initially consisted of ex-Illuminati and Society of the Oddfellows member, it begun including disenchanted Order of the Eastern Star and former Triad Cabal members. To identify themselves to each other, the secret society members begun wearing the Amaranth flower upon their person. This tradition resulted in the society being called the Order of the Amaranth. Soon the Order of the Amaranth grew powerful enough to undermine the govenance of the other societies, leading to the final rise of the Order of the Amaranth in the year 2946.