How about some music?

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    How about some music?
    I rather miss the streaming radio that used to be run for SSW.

    I did a little investigating and to my surprise running a streaming radio station is not one of those things that's become simpler in the last few years - it's still a bit pain in the ass (at least as far as I can tell). Pity, I'd be up for running a show now and again.

    That said, how about a Spotify Collaborative Playlist or something? Any ideas? Suggestions? Offers of sexual favours? Food? Who's hungry? I'm hungry...
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    Mixx and Icecast + tunneling a port through your router might be one way, given the potential listenerbase. I have Mixx on an old Lubuntu laptop for party mixes. It works similarly to the old SAM, and is free & open source.