KOL security breach

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    KOL security breach
    Hey all! *waves* I haven't had time to play in forever, but I was here to change my password and wanted to post this for anyone who hadn't seen it already, since I know a lot of you have KOL accounts as well (sorry if this has been posted elsewhere already! Couldn't find it with a quick search):

    KOL security breach update

    There was recently a pretty nasty security breach on KOL's dev server, resulting in probable access of player names, e-mail addresses, and password hashes. The post doesn't say specifically, but it sounds like they were still using MD5 hashing, which means that your password pretty much might as well be in plain text for the person(s) who got access to the info. Please go and change your password there and anywhere else you might have been using the same password, okay?

    *makes mental note to quit using the same password at all game sites already*