Laaaag, and the remedies thereof

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    Laaaag, and the remedies thereof
    Ok, this intermittent every 10-15 minute lag issue seems to be beyond the ability of our server farm to fix. They've tried replacing a drive cable (apparently that *was* an issue, and last night they cloned the entire server over to a new hardware rack. That seemed to fix the problem for about 8 hours, but this morning it came back.

    Still no idea what the problem actually is except that the CPU seems to spike suddenly every so often, freezing for no discernible reason. Server guys say it's not hardware, and I see nothing in the logs indicating any specific runaway process or traffic spike, so my next step will probably be to move the account somewhere else. I'm prepping for that now, and sometime today you'll start getting the "Game Over" screen everyone loves so much. That'll mean I'm locking the databases and actually doing the move. The actual transfer should complete probably less than an hour after that.

    Cross your fingers (:
  • Posted By: Salen  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    *crossing fingers, toes, and genitalia*
  • Posted By: munk  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    Ok, I think I may have fixed the lag. Please report if it returns.
  • Posted By: Rakkasan  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    *crosses his dressing hoping it won't*