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A list of any minor changes to the site that do not warrant a full-blown announcement.

  • Trade Hypos now cost 10 Battle Tokens in Spaceman's Supply.
    Trade Hypos now cost 10 Battle Tokens in Spaceman's Supply.
  • The UA no longer affects power gains for people in their zeroeth dimit.
    The UA no longer affects power gains for people in their zeroeth dimit. That means nubs aren't instantly shoved far away from center as soon as they interact with anything. Insane UA doesn't give them time to understand the meaning of power gains and try to wrestle it to where they want it. All bets are off as soon as you dimit, though. (:
  • Smokes for Nubs
    The Popsickle Survival Kit given to all the newly unthawed now includes a pack of smokes. Recommended by Doctors since 1948, according to recently unearthed historical documents.
  • Trade/Turns Wand effect has been added to Donations processing.
    Yep! From now on, when you donate for peen via Paypal, you will not only get your peen, but you also will be granted 10 hours of turns/trades Wand boost for each peen you donate for, as a special gift from that big magical fairy, Emperor Jim Norton. The breakdown is:
  • "Magic" Is In The Air...
    "Magic" has been introduced to SSW in the form of a couple of highly technologically advanced one-time use wands available in the 1337 Hut for a peen each. They allow you to cast beneficial "magical" effects on yourself and on other people in 100-hour increments.
  • Sid the Geek has a Semi-Cousin you might be interested in meeting.
    His name is Yonk and he likes your old duplicate IOTMs. He'll give you peen for them.
  • This joke is satisfying on so many levels...
    Salen tried to Smail me a bug today, but apparently he didn't actually have one. I gave him an Alien Virus in return, but that was unsatisfying. It occurred to me that there are few actual bugs left in the game, so I added a bunch. Also added a recipe that utilizes them. This is not only an amusing pun, but also a reference to a Douglas Coupland novel that was influential on me in the 90's. Bon Appetit'! :D
  • Dimit questline begins
    I've uploaded the easiest bits of the Dimit questline just now, basically these changes alter the goals required for 4 of the quests, depending on if you are in a dimit or on your first run through the quests:
  • Updated Paypal API endpoint for Donations
    Paypal is phasing out the API endpoint that the donation system uses to process donations (happens sometime in September, I think) so I went ahead and updated the API code. Let me know if you experience any issues in getting your peen reward after donating. I'm certain it'll work, but you never know. (:
  • Check your account settings: Default Email and Send Reset Notices.
    Hey guys, Check your account settings. I went through and set all the accounts of the emails that bounced back from the last Reset Notice to NOT SEND RESET NOTICES ANYMORE. A really surprising number of those bounces came from accounts that are currently active (looking at you Salen & Shy, Adsynth, Iggy, etc - like almost half of you).
  • Reset for Cycle 20
    Allrighty, people seem ready for a reset for Cycle 20, and I'm getting things ready for it. Some stuff isn't ready yet:
  • Eroticon 69 closed for renewal!
    Eroticon 69 is now disabled. A new Eroticon is in the works. The 9th quest is now something different. I know a lot of people were in quest 8 working on 9, so if that's you, go back to Earth and try to pick up the new quest at the Lodge. if that doesn't work, smail me and I'll reset your quest data.
  • Deep Six Deep Sixed!
    Deep Six Deep Sixed! I couldn't think of anything that needed to be salvaged from there.
  • Imperial Teleport System no longer charges 100 starbux
    Imperial Teleport System no longer charges 100 starbux. All you need is the teleport implant and your passport to use it now.
  • Phallorus offline, Hoe and Shovel at Cod Pro shop
    Phallorus offline, Hoe and Shovel at Cod Pro shop. I expect the cock ring will end up dropping in the new Eroticon content that's coming. can't think of anything else that really needs to be salvaged from that planet and made available elsewhere.
  • Security Shark now patrols the waters of the Robodolphin Rodeo.
    Security Shark now patrols the waters of the Robodolphin Rodeo, for your sexually attractive clothing needs.
  • RPS Goggles Removed from Zoltar's
    After much pondering over the whole RPS sub-game and an examination of the code, I've decided that removing RPS entirely by the next reset is probably the most logical option.
  • Pinto Beans
    More Beans!
  • Trade drops for mobs
    Mobs no longer drop trade hypos, but the chance at getting a trade recharge pump has been increased by a lot.
  • Cigarettes now only affect health
    so smoke away safe in the knowledge you're only affecting your Health, not confidence, creativity or horniness.
  • It's "Take Your Doppelpet Mining" Day forever!
    Asteroid mining has been made tastier and hastier. Mining now gives stats comparable to NPC combat, stats which are boosted by your dimit path. Ore returns are now richer, and your Doppelpet will help you mine.
  • Base Max Trades rate raised from 1000 to 5000.
    That oughta help. (:
  • Turkeys now reward Trades and Chi instead of turns.
    Foods and Drinks now can give a wider variety of stats, now including Trades, Sexual Chi and Confidence. This is in addition to Creativity, Turns and the like.
  • Sexy Space Trader Battlesuit Mark I discovered!
    A previously unknown ACME Battlesuit combo was discovered today, designed for Sexiness, speed and getting better profits at ports. It incorporates the IOTM's "Green Giant Gloves", "Magnotronic Lifting Belt" and "Red Rocket Boots" along with parts of the ACME Battlesuit and rocket pack. The combination of items in this suit entices Space Trading Ports to offer you about 8-10% better prices when buying ore from you.
  • Ahlnuld's Gym Improved!
    Your membership in Ahlnulds Power Gym has been improved so that now you can work out twice as much. If you're an Amaranth, your membership has been further improved, due to Ahlnulds allegiance to the Emperor.
  • Timenesium Tennis Shoes now in the 1337 Hut!
    Timenesium Tennis Shoes now in the 1337 Hut!
  • The issue with the daily Superiority Percentage
    As you'll note, Triad were credited with an 80% Supremacy for yesterday, despite having their siege broken in the 14th hour. This is due to a quirk in the routine that figures this percentage, which goes like so:
  • New Daily Quest in Yeranus!
    If you are spaceworthy and have a hankerin' to beat someone up in space, talk to the Yeranian Ambassador, he'd like to have a word with you.
  • New daily quest on Eroticon 69
    For those who have attained the 33rd degree, there is a new daily quest on Eroticon 69. Seek out the Triple-Anused Whore on Vagin Island.
  • New DataBuddy!
    The DataBuddy has been gutted of it's previous never-implemented functionality and has been turned into what is essentially SpoilerBot. It is now an encyclopaedia of every item, monster, costume, recipe, planet and port in the game and it will happily inform you what everything is, what it does and where to find or make it.
  • Lodgemaster is more helpful in reminding you about the dailies.
    I've added a function to the Lodgemaster so he now tracks which dailies you haven't started yet and lets you know to go grab them. He will only bother you about it once you're at degree 32/33, though. He figures you should be focused on your degree quests before then. This doesn't mean that the quests aren't available to you before then, though.
  • 3 Redundant IOTM's Retired from 1337 Hut!
    ACME Smiley Dictionary, Cocktail Monster Rocket Boots, and Coconut Monkey Rocket Boots have been retired from the 1337 Hut.
  • Tele-Pet Healers have become more effective!
    Tele-Pet Healers have become more effective! Their power supplies have been upgraded, and now they can heal twice as many times per day. Enjoy! (:
  • Green Giant Gloves and Sticky-Finger Gloves now combine!
    Green Giant Gloves and Sticky-Finger Gloves now combine, so you don't have to choose between better drops or more money/damage. Now you can have it all! (:
  • Introducing: ACME Laxative Timenesium Pickup Pants!
    Introducing: ACME Laxative Timenesium Pickup Pants!
  • Introducing: the Jim Baccus Magnotronic Damage Enhancement Booze Belt!
    Introducing: the Jim Baccus Magnotronic Damage Enhancement Booze Belt!
  • New thing drops from comets...
    which is related to upcoming Hedrok daily quest, which is upcoming soon. (:
  • Kiss Hedrok goodbye for a bit...
    Hedrok will be disappearing soon to go under the surgical knife, and will be replaced by a shiny new planet in the same sector. Yipikaitain will serve most of your banking and storage needs that you may have gotten done on Hedrok, and includes a small new daily quest.
  • Databuddy has "Notes" again...
    The one thing that worked on the old Databuddy was the note-taking area, but that got removed with the re-write. Someone asked about that at the time and I made a mental note to re-add it, and now it's re-added.
  • Tranquility quest changes
    well, ran into something fun with the Tranquility Sex0r quest, because it chooses from active monster areas, including the new as yet unreleased ones. If you have this quest and are stuck having to sex0r a Hedrok mob let me know and I'll clear your quest data.
  • Poop now has more uses.
    This is meant to rectify an injustice in the Universe, but you might never be depraved enough to contemplate the new use, so it's best you pay it no mind.
  • Santa outfit no longer reset-safe.
    I think it originally was so because it was from a one-time event, but that gear drops yearly now, and it's rather too good to allow increasing amounts of it to pile up in display cases.. so, it's no longer reset-safe.
  • Bug Reporting system to be discontinued
    I prolly should have scrapped the bug reporting system before re-launching, and will be doing it soon. Reason? it's served its purpose for Alpha, catching some really game-breaking stuff, but these days it's just a big cannon that blasts rewards and punishments for the sort of nitpicky stuff that we shouldn't be caring about anymore. The 9 currently open reports from years ago are either things I can't replicate or don't care about, and anything new will be just an annoyance to deal with - probably spelling reports for all the new content we'll be pushing soon.
  • The Planet Hedrok and strange goings-on thereupon
    Way before Hedrok was a lonely placeholder planet just there to open up some space in the 800 block of the universe, there was a plan to make it a quest planet. Adsynth is now working on the preliminary content to finally do that, and Hedrok will disappear into the ether sometime soon in preparation for that makeover. Don't worry though, It'll be replaced by a new placeholder planet with a possible daily quest until Hedrok is ready.
  • A new Space Powerup should start appearing soon.
    You may notice a new "Comet Flavored" powerup appearing in space soon. It tastes like a comet! :D
  • Industrial Disassemblers now disassemble more things per day.
    The industrial Disassembler has gotten better at what it does best. Per-day disassemblies raised from 9 to 20, or from 18 to 29, depending on how you look at it - for a max gain of 11, which galen would appreciate if he were around. (:
  • Custom Blaster Request forms are available in the 1337 Hut again.
    Custom Blaster Request forms are available in the 1337 Hut again. There are 1337 Huts on Hedrok and Nortonia, in case you've forgotten.
  • Mazes which have a rare drop now have some semirares
    Most of the mazes would drop some briefcases at the end, with a small possibility of getting a special weapon. I've added two additional semi-rare drops to that roll, so you have 4 chances to win attractive prizes at the end of a maze. It's become much more rewarding to complete them. (:
  • Flambe has a new feature...
    Flambe now has a small daily side-quest. It is not necessary for completion of your degrees, but it does pay out some nice stuff.
  • New Year's
    Since the normal mechanic of wearing party hats over new year's eve isn't active (no hats were distributed that I know of), I've changed the mechanic for the distribution of new year's champagne. Basically, if you've played more than a token amount of turns this cycle (er, anarchy period) then you're flagged to get a bottle. (:
  • Battle Drones and Facility Kits available at Spaceman's Supply again!
    The "war winnable" flag has been removed from sales of drones and construction kits in Spaceman's supply. Go ahead and test out drone warfare and facilities, plz. (:
  • Some drones cleared.
    Someone noted that drones aren't yet available from Spaceman's Supply because we're in anarchy mode, which means that Norton's initial drone coverage blacks access to space for 33's with no way to fight back.
  • Home Page chat widget re-enabled
    since it seemed popular and was easy to implement. (:
  • Custom Blaster request Forms are here again!
    A certain amount of interest has been floating around about the Custom Blasters being available again, and I've gotten a couple of direct requests. Thus, by popular demand, they're back in the 1337 hut for a while. Enjoy!