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    Popsickle Information Center, FAQs for your consideration
    Popsickle Information Center

    Brought to you by the Admins and Mods of SSW



    • Why can't I consume an item if the max of its heal range will put me over 100% healed, even if the min would stay within the range, or I want the turns specifically?
      Because that's they way it was meant to be, you'll just have to be more careful with the way you consume your items. You can read more about the new consumables interface here.

    • Why can't I get into my lodge?
      That's because you've changed societies and have more than 300 power. Right now, if you start to stray from your current Alignment, the color of your society name in your leftside info bar will change color to warn you. White means everything's cool, Yellow means you're getting close to a change and Black means you've gone to a new Alignment. You can get details from any Lodge to explain these color changes when they happen.

    • Why do these quests take so long to complete?
      Because you are earning your degree. They aren't meant to be simple. If all the degrees were really easy then the rewards wouldn't be so great and you'd be done with everything in a day. Where would the fun be in that?

    • Why does my character's gender and/or sexual orientation keep changing?
      Doing certain things with the monsters you encounter in the game can cause your gender or sexual orientation to change. As you play, you will begin to notice a pattern as far as which creatures have what effect on your sexuality.

    • I just got hit by a monster, and it said I got hit for X damage, but my health didn't change. Is something broken?
      No. Monsters can hit you for "damage" in all your stat categories. Health (HP) is just one of many. If the damage you receive is not health damage, than your health will not change. One of your stats, the one that the monster hit for, however, will have decreased. The outcome text of your encounter with the monster should tell you which stat (or stats) were affected.

    • My Full-O-Meter/Drunk-O-Meter is still at stuffed/wasted even though it has been many hours since I ate or drank anything. What's going on?
      You can be more than 100% drunk or full in this game. Your drunk and fullness stats will gradually decrease over time, but you can also use certain in-game items and locations to decrease them more rapidly. To find out the percentage of how drunk or full you currently are, mouse over your full-o-meter or drunk-o-meter.

    • Why does my power fluctuate so much?
      Your power is dependent on how well you adhere to the yin and yang of your current society. This may help your basic understanding. Basically, however, here is a brief description. Just as you have your own yin and yang assignments, so do all the other beings of this vast and wonderful universe. Because of this, as you happily kill/converse/sex0r your way across the galaxy, what you kill/converse with/sex0r will change the balance of your yin and yang. If you are nice to beings of the same or similar yin and/or yang, your power will increase. Conversely, if you are nasty to beings of the same or similar yin and/or yang, your power will wane.

    • How do I know which monsters/characters will help or hurt my yin/yang?
      Ah, figuring that out is part of the game. If you pay close attention to your power when you interact with the various beings you encounter, you will begin to see patterns emerge.

    • "So I'm trying to get from Sector 41 to 44. It says it will take 43 turns. WTF?"
      The rule is that Warp Jump paths happen in hyperspace, and do not follow the same rules as normal sector-to-sector movement. It allows you to jump from some points in the universe more efficiently than others, and you'll find that *some* jumps are much more efficient than sector-to-sector pathways.
      Basically, each sector has a "distance from 0" value and 2 angles to 0. Warp Jumping follows the pathways determined within this 3-d matrix, rather than the sector-to-sector pathways. In most cases you're trading efficiency for convenience. However, there is at least 1 sector that you cannot get to unless you jump to it directly. Like all things, it's a trade-off.

    • "When does the interest accrue at the bank?
      The interest accrues at roll over, which is at 0400 UTC, as stated later in this here FAQ


    • Where do I go for some basic PVP information?
      As with all your basic questions, check The Popsickle's Guide to the Universe first. Within it, peruse The Yee-hawdian Sacred Scrolls.

    • How comes I can't PVP [someone]?
      There are restrictions on who you can PVP. You can't attack anyone below 13th degree, anyone who is currently in yor society, anyone who is an Amaranth or anyone you've already attacked today. All of these conditions are monitored by your battle implant's Honorably Ordinary, Not Ostentatious, Receptor Unit, or HONOR Unit for short.

    • I won a PVP battle, but I lost power! What gives?
      The amount of power you gain or lose when you win a pvp battle depends on who you beat. If their alignment is close to yours, you can lose a minor amount of power, just like you can lose power for defeating many monsters in the universe.


    • Someone posted something I don't like. What should I do?
      The best thing to do is ignore it, and rate the thread 1 at the bottom of the page. The Rate Thread buttons do actually work. If a thread is rated less than 1.5 for more than a certain amount of time, it will automatically be moved to The Black Hole forum. Likewise, if a thread is rated higher than 4.5 for a certain amount of time, it automatically gets moved to The Hall Of Glory. You can help keep the forums free of people who post crap, and reward people who post well, by using the Rate Thread buttons.

      If someone has posted something that directly violates the rules, use the Report Post button to report that thread to the Mods.

    • The posts a particular person makes annoy me. Is there a way I can ignore them?
      Yes. To ignore someone's forum posts, simply go to their Homeworld page and click the Blacklist link. This will prevent that person's forum posts from appearing in threads you view. For more information on what blacklisting/whitelisting does, see below. Note: If you have previously whitelisted someone, you will have to unwhitelist them before you can blacklist them.


    • How do I enter chat?
      There are a few ways to enter chat, the easiest being simply clicking chat at the top of the page right between the forums and homeworlds links. Or you could just click here.

    • What are those funny symbols to the left of my name in chat?
      There are two symbols located to the left of your name in the chat pane. The one closest to your name is a symbol denoting your current society.

      Green Triangle - Illuminati
      Blue Star - Oddfellows
      Grey Circle - Amaranth
      Red Inverted Star - Eastern Star
      Orange Inverted Triangle - Triad

      The symbols located on the far left, closest to the time log, represent your current status within the game community.

      Yellow Dot- Basic Alpha Tester (Regular member, for now)
      Green Face (looks like a smiley or a froggie) - Radio Free Xangaka DJ
      Blue Cross - Moderator
      Red Cross - Administrator

      Mods and admins that are also DJ's will display their mod/admin symbol rather than the DJ symbol.

    • EDIT: The next four bullets are outdated, they were related to the old chat system, which was flash based. I've added an additional bullet (the one right above this edit) to further explain the current chat symbols. Also, ops were a feature of the old chat system. As far as I am aware, they do not exist in the current chat system. - ToriForte

    • What do the stars beside peoples' names mean?
      The stars or other custom icons beside peoples' names indicates their status as an Op or a mod/admin. Red coloured star or icon denotes the Admin status, blue coloured star or icon denotes the Moderator status, grey/black coloured star or icon denotes the Op status.

    • What is an "Op"? Can I be one?
      An Op is someone who assists the moderators in moderating the various chat channels, making someone an Op is bases solely upon the discretion of the Moderators of the channel or the game. Most often times, asking/begging to be made an Op will only lessen your chances of obtaining the Op status.

    • After a while, chat seems to slow down my computer. Why is this?
      Because, like the site and game, chat is still being built and is in the Alpha stage of development. When we get closer to Beta, we will be optimizing chat so that it runs more smoothly on a wider variety of systems.

    • When I launch chat, a new window pops up, but it is empty with a red background. Is the website broken?
      No. Either you don't have the Flash 8 player or higher installed, or you just haven't joined a channel yet. If you see a box in the upper right of the new window that says "Select Channel", click on that and select a channel to join. If the window is totally blank and has nothing in it at all, then you probably have an incompatible version of Flash installed on your computer.

      Click here to get the latest version of the Flash player.

    • Can I be a mod/admin?
      Two letters, making one word, the first letter sounds like N, the second sounds like O. NO.


    • What is a Homeworld?
      Your Homeworld is the place on SSW where you can tell people about yourself. Think of it as your own personal web page in space. From your Homeworld, you can write blog entries, connect with friends, share your photos and interests, and generally talk about yourself.

    • What does whitelisting someone mean
      It means you want to be their friend. If they whitelist you in return, you will become their friend. If they do nothing, you will be their admirer. If they blacklist you in return, you will be one of their stalkers.

    • What does blacklisting someone mean
      It means you don't want to be their friend. If they blacklist you in return, you will become their enemy. If they do nothing, they will be one of the people you are ignoring. If they whitelist you in return, they will be one of your stalkers.

    • How do I whitelist or blacklist someone
      On the homeworld page of the person you want to whitelist or blacklist there will be a link on the top right side of the page where you can whitelist or blacklist them.

    • How do I find a player so I can whitelist or blacklist them
      There is now a nifty new search for members feature.

    • I don't like a particular person. Is there a way I can ignore them?
      Yes, simply search for them and add them to your blacklist. People on your blacklist cannot send you private messages, and cannot view any of your Homeworld pages.

    • How do I get to someone's homeworld page
      Either by the find a player feature or clicking there name anywhere you see it on the main page.

    • How do I control who can see my Homeworld pages and what they can see about me?
      You can choose what information to include or not include on your Homeworld, as well as control who has access to that information, from your Account Settings and Personal Info pages.

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    More FAQ's, copied from other threads and posted here for your convenience.

    When is roll over? how many turns do i get at roll over?
    Roll over is at 4am Arizona time, you get 2 turns every 15 minutes, regardless of activity.

    What are some important threads to read?
    Anything on the announcements page!
    Already Reported/Not Bugs thread
    Chat bugs and other chat stuff

    I think I've found a bug and/or typo, what do I do now
    Post it in the bugfinder's bar and Munk or Donkey will tell you either it's not a bug or to bugreport it via the Bugs link at the top of the page next to alpha tester tools and docs.
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    Why Are So Many Things Misspelled (Popsickle, Bananna, etc)?*

    They aren't. The language you know as "English" has just evolved (some would say de-evolved) and changed significantly since the last time you heard it. Languages have a tendency to do this when you have been frozen for hundreds and hundreds of years! So shut up and pay attention!!

    Many of the words of the "English" language of Earth (now known as the Universal Common Language, UCL, or just "Common") were modified to varying degrees as part of the armistice agreement between Earth's warring nations at the end of the 3rd Websterian Grammatical Jihad of 2237. As defined by the terms of the truce, the practice of randomly inserting extra consonants in most words as well as switching them with more phonetically appropriate consonants was globally adopted, whilst the use of the letter "u" after the letter "o" in certain words (eg: "colo*rs, flavo*rs, etc) was outlawed under penalty of death.

    Although several skirmishes did erupt from time to time after the Armistice of 2237 (mainly over such minor things as the proper use of the semi-colon, and the increasing erosion of family values by the alarming rise in the appearance of run-on sentences), the cessation of hostilities was widely honored up until the First Universal Civilizational Kollapse of the Mashturian Empire in the late 25th Century (better known as "The F.U.C.K.M.E. Event"). For many decades following the Kollapse, there was war, bloodshed, and chaos throughout the Universe...much of which was due to peoples' complete inability to communicate with each other anymore. It was not until many, many years later, thanks to Emperor Norton's glorious rise to power, that peace and balance could be brought to the Universe again...and among many other things, that the language could be repaired and modern Common could be born.

    Although the Emperor's decrees and clarifications to the language have greatly improved the intelligence, prosperity and understanding of all the Universe's inhabitants, there still remain many misconceptions regarding the use and origin of many Common words. For example:

    The rumor that "Popsicle" was changed to "Popsickle" because many of the people revived in Earth's cryogenics storage facilities smell so bad as to make tourists "sick" is FALSE. In fact, many Popsickles come out of cryostasis smelling only of high-quality booze (and quite strongly at that). This is due to the limitations of early long-term cryostasis technology that required the consumption of large amounts of purified ethanol just prior to freezing in order to limit damage to the blood vessels and major organs.

    Another frequently repeated myth is that banannas got their extra "n" because one of the members of the marketing team at ACME Bananna Blasters Corp forgot to use the spell checker on their promotional materials just as their next-generation blasters were being rolled out to market. This is patently false, as any ACME Linguistical Histobot™ can tell you. The truth is that banannas are spelled this way because of Anna's banishment after doing unspeakable (and unsanitary) things with one.

    As you traverse the vast reaches of the Universe and encounter Its countless sentient species, you will find many more words that may seem strange yet somehow familiar to you...

    You'll have a much better time if you don't let any of these things bother you too much.

    *Originally posted by DonKey. - ToriForte