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    PVP, Space and You
    In the last couple days I've been called a "mother fucker" in open chat and I've been called a "Fucktard" in pm because of the way I play this game, i.e. pvping. I'm actually a pretty damn nice guy and I like to help people out. I'm not a "fucker/fucktard" or any of the sort.

    This said, I do want to kill you in space. Over and over again. You know why? Because this is a game. And honestly, I don't care if you think I'm a motherfucker or not. But by calling me one in open chat or pm, it makes me really want to pvp you more. Which is really hard, b/c I already want to pvp you so hard that munk has to make even more sectors to send you flying through with your health meter and pm buttons flashing at you. So think about what evil and vile things I'll want to do if I was mad at you for playing dumb and taking it out on me. So don't cuss me b/c you can't remember to land before logging out of the game. Don't hide your dumb behind fancy cuss words. You're better than that. You really are. If not, I want to help.

    Before I post a nice list of tips to help you out, let me begin with an analogy. If you're playing someone in chess and they leave their queen unprotected, you're going to kill it right? I know I would. Maybe you wouldn't if you were playing against a 6 year old and trying to teach them. But unless you're really tall and a great typer, (and a fantastic liar) you're probably at least 18 years old and you don't need your hand held and cuddles when you lose a pawn. And I know that some people aren't as competitive as others but that's the point. I am. And a lot of other people are too. If chess is too tough, try checkers.

    So without further ado:

    Dude's Guide to Not Getting Yourself Killed in Space
    (the abbreviated version)

    1) When you log out of the game, if you are in space, land. Otherwise I will pvp your ass.
    2) If you want to sex0r someone, do not announce it in chat to meet at Sector X. I'll go to meet you too and I kill will you hard. (probably after sex0ring you b/c woohoo hawt sex0r FTW.)
    3) Mining for ore? Yup, I'll kill you there too and then beat the mining tool over your head for a bit.
    4) Looking for powerups? Me too...You.
    5) Enjoying Stargazing? I just want to pvp you. So please don't just sit out there.
    6) Internets on the fritz and you're lagging? Sorry, I don't know that. Please don't bitch at me. Call Time Warner. It sucks and yes I'd rather hunt you down fairly, but I don't know if you're on dial up or not.

    I click fast. I can't help it. The link beckons me. It's not that I hate you. It's not that I even dislike you. I'm just drawn to the little link. "Click me Dude," it says. So I do.

    PVP is a main component of this game, if you don't want to be attacked you can stay at 12th degree if you want. But this game is a team game and in order for my team to win, I need to kill you. Sorry. That's just the way I see it. Please don't whine or complain when I kill you. It's not personal. I don't pvp in other games b/c where it's not pertinent to that mechanics of that game. It is for this one. If you don't like it...well there's always checkers.
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    to be honest Dude, if I ever call u that, know that I am kidding. I know u are a nice guy. After all, us Fetts need ta stick together
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    There are some people who are serious with those comments though.
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    Thats true P4UL, and there is really nothing anyone can do about that, but Dude is correct, no-one needs to take what happens here in the game personally.
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    Lets be frank, the name of the game is Secret Society WARS... not Secret Society Lets Make Friends and Have a Tea Party then Cuddle ... mostly, i think, because the name is too long.

    Not to say that you can't cuddle and make friends and have a tea party... you can, but know that it is war up there in space.

    Eventually, one society will come out on top, built into the game are certain things that can make that end game easier for the most driven and "powerful" society, and yes, one of the ways to become the most "powerful" society is to make sure the other societies are... well... not as strong. PvP, amongst other things, is a great way to do it - AND IT IS INTENDED TO BE A GREAT WAY TO DO IT.

    so, please allow me to throw in my support behind Dude. We are all adults, in real life, if we screw up, you can be damn sure we are expected to be responsible for it. This is the case in this game. You forget to land, for get to look around you, or any number of the things TheDudeAbides has warned you about, TheDudeAbides may get you, and if he doesn't you can be damn sure i, and other folks who enjoy cruising through space for stats and fortune well.

    And, if i make those mistakes, i am under no illusion that i will suffer the same fate as others who have left themselves out.
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    Seriously folks, there ARE ways around being pvp'd.. stay 12th degree.. teleport.. invisibelt... And for the most part IF you do get pvp'ed it's either a- you screwed up, here's your reminder not to do so again. OR simply bad luck you were moving through space, and someone happened on you. It happens. And if/when it does happen most everyone is nice about it, even the attacker. So flying off at the hinge insulting/verbally attacking people for playing the game is the right way to get yourself blacklisted or worse. Follow the advice thedude's given and more so, follow common sense, Imagine it's real, you're out in space.. bad things lurk. [although i'd like to add, if your comp/net is lagging DONT go into space... safer, whatever you were going to do can wait.]

    er, but if i have better stats than you.. please please.. let me know when you're mining and where >.>
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    thanks dude - that needed to be said. happy hunting!
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    Damn Dude, you mean I can call you a "mother fucker" for all them times I let you kick my ass? Damn I miss allthe fun stuff. But really, as you said it is the name of the game, and its part of the learning experance one gets. I for one learned I suck ass at pvp.. but it dosnt keep me from letting people kill me. Guess some people are to touchy.

    Thank you for the post. It should help alot of people .
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      Quote "TheDudeAbides":  

    I click fast. I can't help it. The link beckons me. It's not that I hate you. It's not that I even dislike you. I'm just drawn to the little link. "Click me Dude," it says. So I do.

    No no no, the button clearly says "Click me Aces".
    Amen, I totally agree.
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      Quote "TheDudeAbides":  

    In the last couple days I've been called a "mother fucker" in open chat and I've been called a "Fucktard" in pm because of the way I play this game, i.e. pvping.

    Just wait until everyone is participating in the 33rd-degree war, and what individuals do affects the military control of the Universe for entire societies. I can't imagine what they will call you then :D
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    Probably the same thing I call him when sex0ring him, he likes it though.
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    Completely agree, Dude (but I will be asking for my pants back). I remember a little time in my life when being BAMed was the most cussworthy event in the game, but alas, my friend Pinot Grigio, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy now.

    Anyhoo, to add to Dude's list there's another way to not have your ass smacked harder than Johnny Fairplay on a reality award show stage, beat your dumb ass up. Although this prevents you from other activities, and given enough time you'll heal back to smack status, it still works for a little powerup hunting or things that are in need of endless searching to fulfill a certain degree hunting.
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    I may be a bit gun shy, but I've never thought to actually blame The Dude. As Melville observed, who can ask a shark to govern it's nature?

    Also something to help ppl avoid the sting of the disco ray gun: if you see a luvsat is easy to get to, so can pretty much everyone else. Consider taking the luvsat less traveled. I mean, the Triads can't be everywhere...can they??!!? *ominous music*
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      Quote "gulogulo":  

    Completely agree, Dude (but I will be asking for my pants back)

    i thought you were the pants thief around town, gulo? :P
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    I love the PVP nature of the game. I relish attacking people mining or floating. We actually have a thread in our society to report floaters.

    And where do I get a shiny cool Star Wars avatar?

    Sorry, that was off topic.

    Some people have actually asked me nicely and politely not to attack them. Hey, no problem. I back off them because it's not their thing. I get that, this is alpha. I have no urge to fight them till they're at my level because it's just not a challenge to me and quite honestly I will do most anything if asked nicely. And it's helped me get along with them.

    If anyone called me a fucktard, well that's not asking nicely and I'll see you in my crosshairs. And I hope to skip you across sectors like a smooth rock across a calm lake.

    It's a game. You choose to play the game the way you want to play it. I'm a nice guy so I choose to play nice and push when I can. Dude's a nice guy but he's here to play the game to win at all costs, so either put up your weapons or stay the fuck out of space.

    If you're verbally abusing anyone here, just know that you've made more enemies by doing so than just that one. I don't care what society you're in. I'll hunt you.
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    Only the cool triads have them ;). And To the people complaining, PvP IS a part of the game, and once we're in beta it will become necessary (maybe). So your best bet is to deal with it and learn from your mistakes.
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    I agree with most everything stated so far.

    It is "Secret Society Wars," not "Secret Society Orgy" or "Secret Society Picnic."

    (Munk, please get to work on "Secret Society Orgy" as soon as possible. Mmkay tnks!)

    And my take is similar to Dude's. I only had a brief, trophy-hunting flirtation with PVP in "the other game" because that's an individual game and there's no need to attack others unless that's just something you're into. This one, there's a reason for it.

    We're five societies fighting for control of the universe. "Fighting" being the operative word. If you're ore-mining, you're making money for a society that's not mine. If you're powering up, you're doing so to make your guys better off than mine.

    It's never personal -- at least not for me. There are some damned fine people who I like a helluva lot on the "other teams." If I see those damned fine people in space, and if I think I have a fighting chance to defeat those damned fine people, I will shoot them in the head with something.

    There have been times I've laid off of blasting someone for one reason or another -- very new player, someone I know is offline and in space by accident, etc. But I wouldn't expect that from anybody, and don't suggest that that's how I'd act again.

    In the end, it's just a game.

    That said, I *totally* know the feeling of frustration when you get whacked by surprise. Hell, haven't we all called Dude a "mother fucker" in our hearts? Really? Just me? OK, skip that part. It's no fun watching that precious power and those precious stats just disappear. But I'd love to steal 'em from you, so after a suitable cooling down period, can't feel bad about you stealing them from me.
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      Quote "SilliusSoddus":  

    (Munk, please get to work on "Secret Society Orgy" as soon as possible. Mmkay tnks!)

    uh, what do you think PsP and Luvsats are for?
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      Quote "munk":  

      Quote "SilliusSoddus":  

    (Munk, please get to work on "Secret Society Orgy" as soon as possible. Mmkay tnks!)

    uh, what do you think PsP and Luvsats are for?

    Finding and killing, of course.
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      Quote "munk":  

      Quote "SilliusSoddus":  

    (Munk, please get to work on "Secret Society Orgy" as soon as possible. Mmkay tnks!)

    uh, what do you think PsP and Luvsats are for?

    Well, yeah.

    But that's just *one element* of the game.

    Secret Society Orgy would be all sexxin' all the time.

    And, you know, there'd be togas, and a guy who feeds you grapes and all kinds of exotic interplanetary prostitutes ready to proffer themselves to you at a moment's notice.

    And you could screw cows. And sorority girls. And astronauts and ... erm ... yeah.

    Never mind.
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    Since this thread is getting wayyy off topic anyway, this tangentially brings up an interesting question... Shouldn't "Use Fist" be a valid option for PsP and sex0r, too? o.0

    Back on topic, I don't PvP much in games. Probably will here, once I get powered up a bit, since it's a big part of the metagame; in the mean time, however, I always make sure to go out and get beat up before blasting off for extended exploration/trade runs and I make sure I have enough turns and fuel to get to a planet. It's *my* responsibility to walk carefully through the clearly marked minefield. I've understood this from day 1. Why is this such an issue?

    ...In other news, the motherfucking fucktard who taught me how important it is *not* to be multi-tasking (and thus, floating aimlessly) while I'm exploring space should watch his traitorous, slimy back. You're first on my list when I get started. Oh yes, you are...
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    Hey, I've even called myself a motherfucker before. Mainly because I left myself floating in sector 1 (didn't know I'd get booted later on for having weapons) and when I returned a few days later I was knocked all around the universe. And you know what, I never did that again. Lesson learned. I always make sure the big guns aren't around when I'm mining, or I wait for a day when the asteroid is remote and therefore less likely to have a drive by.

    That said most of the time I see someone mining and I kill them, I'll send them their stuff back or make suggestions on outfit changes to help them survive. I don't feel I have to...but deep deep deep down inside I'm a great big ol hearty heart and I want to help. And I really don't want to discourage people from playing and it's not really my intent to come off like a big bully stealing people's lunch money. Though I'm sure I do at times. But I'll help out pretty much anyone who has questions in regards to PVP or not getting killed in space or whatever aspect of the game is needed.

    And I always send back good stuff I win from arranged fights. So if anyone ever wants to have a nice spar, please let me know. :D