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    Reset for Cycle 20
    Allrighty, people seem ready for a reset for Cycle 20, and I'm getting things ready for it. Some stuff isn't ready yet:

    1) the Dimit questline. That can come later. I've been pondering making the dimit questline more interesting than was originally planned, and I've set up the hard turns cost of the beginner questline high specifically so I can lower it for dimits and fine-tune it so that the sub-1000 turn fezzi are gettable again. I need to get a better read on what the soft turn cost of this questline is before I can tune it.

    2) Lucky Spaceman Distillery. I still need to make this a daily quest and turn it back on. this can happen later.

    3) Eroticon. Adsy's working on this one. this can also be launched mid-cycle as it's not critical to the questline anymore.

    I did run an MX and HELO test on the list of emails in the database that would fall into the group that would be emailed an announcement, and it surprisingly checks out with only a few fails. I'm not sure that means much, though, as mailservers are notorious about handling such queries with outright lies. *shrug* well, I quess we'll just find out if I get nailed for spamming.

    I do want to provide a one-click way from the email sent that would allow a person to remove themselves from future mailings (current method requires logging in to change the setting), so I'll get that ready before we do the reset.

    Are You READY to RUMBLE???
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    Ready and willing, baby. Give it to me.
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    *Fist pumps* yeah!!!
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    So ready
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    Git er done!
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    Bring on the new hotness!