RFE: chat command to count inventory items

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    RFE: chat command to count inventory items
    Could we get chat command to count things in inventory? It would be much more convenient than going to a new page, waiting, then scrolling (because it's not the first item that starts with what I can type).
    It doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles of kol /count (like matching on initial letters, or ignoring "lesser" matches when it finds an exact match), but at least
    - a substring match (nobody wants to type "bottle of" when looking for beer)
    - display counts for at least a few results, if there's more than one (don't just list 10 item names when you fetched the counts for them already ;/ )
    - preferably some suggestions for narrowing the search down if there's too many matches (that's a difficult one, though, so this will probably be a "too many haystacks, sorry" thing)