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    Sector Scanning User's Guide
    Sector Scanning User's Guide Mk I, Version 1.0.1.a

    Jointly prepared by Benevolent Energy Applied Nuclear Organization (BEANO), Inc., and the Galactic Association of Popsicles (GAP, with special thanks to GAP president Lex Rex) for the benefit and enjoyment of Space Traveling Popsicles.

    1. What is your sector scanner:

    Your "Personal Assistant Sector Scanner"(tm) (PASS) is embedded in your space going suit as a essential part of your "Getting About Space"(tm) (GAS) system. Together, they are referred to as your PASS GAS unit. It runs off the residual energy from your jet propulsion device of choice. Simply, the PASS utilizes a high pass LSM-510META filter and the embedded Bridge William Argon Laser to scan particle densities of space sectors abutting the sector that you are currently in. The sector scanner is also capable of recognizing signal broadcasts originating from some planets and space sectors which can tell you more about the sectors surrounding you. This feature is best seen in sector 9, where an important event in humanity's glorious space exploitation history is permanently broadcasted by the Space Exploitation, Cartographic, and Humanization Society (SECHS)beacon. The current model also interacts with your planetary teleporter, allowing your teleporter to display, prominently, the sector number next to planet identities.

    2. What does the particle densities tell me:

    All objects in space have different densities. To the untrained popsickle, they may seem like random numbers someone would come up with when influenced by moderate amounts of alcohol. However, to the trained space going popsickle, the numbers tells the story about each sector. Below is a list of density read outs and what they may mean:

    Trading Post: 15
    Licensed Space Outlet: 18
    Planet: 1000 (+3 for any travelers on ground)
    Black Hole: 10,000
    Mystical "Power Ups": 1
    Space Jellyfish: 2*
    Space Traveler: 3
    Emergency Teleport Station: 9
    Astroids!: 25
    LuvSat: 6

    * With the upgrade of PASS V1.0.1.a, the Argon Laser has been supplemented with a pulse Xenon Laser. The Xenon Laser is capable of detecting Space Jellyfish, and now the visual output of your PASS V1.0.1.a will inform you with a "Jellyfish in sector" message if there are indeed Space Jellyfish in sector.

    3. Trouble Shooting Guide.

    Q: My PASS system tells me that the adjoining sector has a density of n+3, but when I go there, there is not a Powerup or Traveler!

    A: The PASS system is never wrong. If it reported that the sector has a density of n+3, then at the time of scanning, there was indeed a 3 density object in the sector of interest. Because it is not there when you get there, two conclusions can be reached. 1) A traveler has just left the sector. 2) A traveler has just left the sector. This model of thinking can be extended to other conclusions as well. For instance, if you see a density of n+4, but when you enter the sector, the additional 4 is missing, you might conclude that the sector contained another player and a Powerup. That they are missing when you enter the sector only means that the player used the Powerup and left. Where as, if you see a density of n+6, but when you enter the sector, the additional 6 is missing, you might conclude that there were two players in the sector previously, and the two players either left or one PVP'd the other and then left.

    EDIT'd by Lex: just changing to the new densities. And you forgot IPTs :P
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    The following is a public service announcement made on behalf of the Galactic Association of Popsickles, otherwise known as the GAP. For more information on the GAP, please write to our offices on Nortonia, galactic sector 365, for a copy of our leaflet "The GAP: from bad clothes to bad advice!"

    Last Recorded Density: your electronic friend!

    Your PASS comes installed complete with an Extensive Memory Unit (EMU). Your EMU will automatically record the density of any sectors you move into, at no cost to yourself. When you scan those sectors in future it will tell you the recorded density, like so:

    Scanning Sector: 362 (Imperial Space) Density: 150 (Last Recorded Density: 250).

    Please be aware that your EMU will not record the new density of the sector at this point. Unlike your PASS, the EMU has only enough range to scan your current location.

    Your EMU readout can be most useful in tracking places you have already been on a given day, or whether something is in a sector that you couldn't interact with, ie a powerup that you couldn't use or a fellow space traveler whom you couldn't pvp.

    Your EMU should be used in conjunction with your PASS to achieve optimum space exploration results. If you were to see that a sector has n+10 density, but the last recorded density is the same, you know you've been there and couldn't do anything with the contents of the sector.

    Good luck on your space travels!

    The Small Print (or at least, it would be small if we could use size tags)
    Please use your EMU responsibly. Dismantling of your EMU is a violation of galactic order code 147b paragraph 2, and will void your warranty. The EMU is designed only to be used in the reaches of space, use of the EMU on a planet may result in misreadings, malfunctions and/or violent explosions. Side effects of the EMU include, but are not limited to, headaches, nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, simultaneous diarrhoea and vomiting, explosive diarrhoea, explosive vomiting, simultaneous explosive diarrhoea and explosive vomiting, spontaneous combustion, coma, and in extreme cases death. By installing your EMU you are agreeing to waive ACME corp and the GAP of any responsibility should you suffer from side effects. Contract not valid on Yeranus, except where contract voiding is prohibited. By reading this paragraph you agree to sell your first born child to the GAP. Thank you for using the EMU.
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    Is it a fluffy EMU?

    Sorry, I just had to..
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      Quote "Fluffster":  

    Is it a fluffy EMU?

    The addition of a FLUFF (Fully Latent Universal Feed Finagler) to the EMU was considered, but it was decided that the power use of such a device would be impractical for its benefits.
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    Your "Personal Assistant Sector Scanner"(tm) is a delicate and accurate tool despite being able to survive the rigors of space and battle. Its sensors are receptive enough to even record the +3 density a planet gains by having a person docked on it! The "Personal Assistant Sector Scanner"(tm), never leave orbit without it!

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