Sexy Space Trader Battlesuit Mark I discovered!

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    Sexy Space Trader Battlesuit Mark I discovered!
    A previously unknown ACME Battlesuit combo was discovered today, designed for Sexiness, speed and getting better profits at ports. It incorporates the IOTM's "Green Giant Gloves", "Magnotronic Lifting Belt" and "Red Rocket Boots" along with parts of the ACME Battlesuit and rocket pack. The combination of items in this suit entices Space Trading Ports to offer you about 8-10% better prices when buying ore from you.

    Note that the "combo" versions that incorporate the Green Giant gloves and Magnotronic belt won't work to make the suit. You'll need to diassemble any combos to get the specific suit piece to work.

    Also note that Databuddy is blind to what you're wearing, so does not reflect improved prices from this suit combo.