Societies, Galactic Domination, and You.

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    Societies, Galactic Domination, and You.
    (A friendly reminder about the workings of the universe. (: )

    Just finished that last quest to get the newest degree and wondering what to do?

    Are you wondering how to actually 'win' in this galaxy, or at least have some semblance of accomplishment over what everyone else seems to be able to do?

    Want to somehow put some distance between yourself and the rest of the pack?

    I'm sure you've noticed that you have a certain power level, the amount of influence you have in the society you're in. What does it mean to have that power, and why does it matter that you're in a specific society? It's more than just a group that you think sounds cool, or has most of your friends in it. Societies are the root of the game, if you haven't looked at the title or the url that you type in your browser to get here. Getting power is a fantastic thing to do, but you could have double the power anyone else in the game has and still be 'losing'.

    Why? Because you can't win this game by yourself, no matter how hard you try. The game may or may not be finished when you read this, but the only way to win is for your society to win with you. Whatever path you walk, who you choose to fight or screw, will lead you to a society.

    You might choose to not care and float about in space and do what you please, but you can be guaranteed that your fellow lodge mates aren't going to like you too much, at least the ones that try to make their society the dominant one in space. Maybe you're used to other galaxies and worlds elsewhere where you're forced to fend for yourself, look out for number one. Well, this is a good suggestion to listen to and follow:

    Drop that mentality in this galaxy, and you will get much farther. You're part of a team, from the first time you step foot out of the cryogenic tubes you were frozen in.

    Need help? I can guarantee that the people whose pictures you see in your lodge will be more than happy to assist you. After all, you're another member of their society, who has the potential to push that society to be the best there is. Some bully from another society pestering you constantly in space? Tell your fellow lodgemates. If they have any sense of teamwork and loyalty, they'll come to your aid and pack up against larger opponents. Anyone in space can be taken down. When you have the right team.

    Been around a while, and know your shit? Look for those people in your societies that NEED help, because they are there. Don't hoard your knowledge of the game to yourself. It's good to keep a few secrets to yourself, lest your society mates decide to have a change of heart and defect, but sharing the wealth that you've learned with your society will only make it stronger, and will put you and your team that much closer to total galactic domination.

    Try to shrug off all assumptions about winning that you've had from other worlds and galaxies. To win this game, you'll need to be part of a team, and work together. You can't win on your own.
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