Space may start looking weird

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    Space may start looking weird
    Okeh, I've finished a script that clears all players sector maps, primarily because I'll be playing around with re-generating the space map with different kinds of arrangements. This means:

    1) your sector maps are likely to be cleared, prolly more than once.
    2) Space will get shifted around, and things won't be where you have gotten used to them being.
    3) Planets are gonna get moved around.

    Note that this will prolly confuse your Greasemonkey scripts that tend to have planet locations hard-coded and may cause them confusion if they save other positional data in a local cache. I'm not sure what exactly, because I don't generally use GM script and don't know specifically what they depend on or what they cache. If you have problems moving around in space, try turning them off or refreshing whatever cache they might have saved.
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    PS: I know that IPT lists still show the old sector values, you can live with that for a bit rather than having me clear your IPT's constantly. IPT will port you to the right planet, it just may not be in the sector it says. That'll all get fixed at reset.
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    Ugh. Now I know that the dolphin brains and spliffs I've been using the last few days have been well spent, huh? *headdesk*

    Oh, wait, Triads won? Cool, then, I guess. ;)