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  • Greasemonkey Scripts
    I just started using firefox for SSW again, and was curious what greasemonkey scripts there were for SSW. I know OneTonTomato had a few, and I think there may be some more, but I think the old thread was archived. Does anyone know where I can find these?
  • To Ponder: The Future of SSW
    Now that we're in nostalgia mode, there are some things I'd like to ponder before we get to January and the beginning of Cycle 19. We've pulled this game out of the closet and dusted it off, and there's some things we can assume will be different from the way things were in the Twenty-Oughts - certainly in terms of motivation for running and playing the game.
  • This may be the final cycle.
    With the total active userbase hovering between 30 and 40 members, and a donation graph that looks like the arc of a heavy ball making its final few, weak bounces before coming to rest (or maybe it has come to rest - there have been no donations in over 30 days), the time has come to consider making this cycle the last SSW cycle.
  • Rare chance for the oddfellows............
    It looks like the blue have a chance (I use that word loosely), to win this cycle...........
  • Fastest Nortonia Quest Maze Ever! :D
  • YangFlipper (SPADING SPOILER)
    Right so -
  • December IOTM?
    Hey, how about a consumed-on-use Personal Yang Flipper? It would cut your Yang in half and reverse the polarity. A painful but sometimes necessary procedure.
  • Proximity alarm for facilities
    Currently facilities will let you know, from the facility drop down, if they are in friendly, unoccupied, or hostile territory drone wise. They will not, however, let you know if they are in danger of facility collision. That's much more useful information. I'd like that to be available from the facility drop down, what does everyone think?
  • November IOTM?
    Any thoughts on an IOTM for November? Pilgram Hat? Turkey SplatterGuns? A Hunger Games lotto machine (May the odds be in your favor)?
  • Fine Tuning alignment
    So with the UA as heavily skewed as it is getting to Amaranth has become very difficult. An average fight yields 60 chaos, an average sex0r yields 30 order. It's even worse for good and evil. The band for Amaranth is only 20 wide so even sex0r leads to shooting right past it much of the time.
  • Current strategy
    So the current strategy seems to be mostly defensive by all teams. I definitely see that as the most effective tack if everyone is doing it, if one team goes aggressive they will simply be wiped out. On the other hand it also means that things are likely to drag on for an extremely long time until either people burn out or somebody goes aggressive and loses. With that in mind I propose a triple alliance, to the first comers. The goal is to wipe one of the four teams from the sky. This will shake things up, and it will also mean that those of us on the 3 aggressive teams will use up some of our resources and be more likely to fight one another once the goal has been completed. Discussion can happen in this thread, of course, or members of the non grey societies are welcome to mail me.
  • Days of Old
    I found this in my saved smails from 2009, got a bit of a chuckle out of reading it again
  • This is what the bounding bear wants to make sure you are limber for
    Not Safe for Work
  • October Iotm Ideas
    My vote is for a facility shield degenerator... useable once per day, in whatever sector your are in while using it all enemy facilities lose between 1-3 shield charge. Thus, teamwork to destroy enemy facilities in captured sectors is encouraged to deplete them quickly, but there is, for a team of 10, still about a week to deplete, leaving time for retaliation.
  • Lower the win condition control percentage?
    So, while pondering the state of things, and it occurs to me that with 4 relatively strong teams, each struggling to hold onto at most 33% of the board, that it might be worth considering lowering the bar for winning the war to something a bit more attainable in the conditions we find ourselves in. After all, this is a pretty radically changed board, fewer large chunks of defensible clusters, planets re-arranged to break up defenses, and trade/mining drastically increased. There are many more drones in play this cycle and everyone's hunkered down pretty solid.
  • Possible update to Comet-Flavored powerups
    I'm considering adding an effect to comet-flavored powerups where it would have a chance, on consumption, of launching a Comet, which would seek out a random enemy sector and destroy up to 100 drones in a firey flyby. Whatchoo think?
  • You send your doppelpet to waste a turn.
    Our characters are morons. In pvp, they keep sending out doppelpets to do zero damage, wasting an entire round. They even keep doing it multiple times in the same fight, after it's obvious that this opponent won't get hurt. (but they won't fire a gun just because it's out of range?)
  • Munk's SSW Guide for the Lazy (requires some IOTMs)
    Munk's SSW Guide for the Lazy (requires some IOTMs)
  • SSW Universal Surveillance 06-18-3016: Night of Explosions and Skypainting
  • Space is MINE!
  • To answer the question of which society Langers will align with:
    Now that discreet inquiries are being explored, I thought I'd make public my answer to all offers of military alliance. The short answer is:
  • datatbuddy says
    All the weapons have a hand listing, are there two handed ones? where is my broad-tentacle-chain-whip?
  • Mayor Cassette
    Apart from giving the cassette and giving a blank cassette, what are the other options? Curious as "You feel like you could have been a little more creative in choosing what to do with the mayor program." popped up when I completed with the blank cassette.
  • The emperor getting scared
    I know at a certain threshhold the emperor gets scared and pulls his drones. I thought that threshhold was 50% is it not?
  • Quantum Disassembler vs Atomic Disassembler
    any difference between the two or just a duplicate?
  • Consumption Suggestion
    I suggest that when we go to eat and drink, the standby amount be "1" instead of "eat/drink as many of that item as you can". I get the advantage of the way it is, when it comes to meds, but I find myself absent-mindedly gobbling/drinking vast quantities when all I wanted was a little nibble/quaff.
  • Mass pull from display case
    Would it hurt to have a (native) button to pull all items from a DC shelf?
  • mining bonus's
    So now with mining you get a bunch of stats, and space lunch boxes, and now trade pumps. Sweet! but heres another thought on top of that. Without the old quests that mandated you to gain HP, I find that I get to space without a lot of them...add that I have to watch my turns for mining and grabbing "Space Monkey's" power ups instead of "Nurse Betty's" and suddenly you're 33 with 60 or so HP (if lucky)
  • Master list of things that go away with the planets in the night
    Here's what I can think of is worth saving. Or what's left of that.
  • Anyone having a problem with Databuddy's note-taking function?
    I got a complaint from someone who said they dimited and their Databuddy notes disappeared, but I can't find any reason in the code why that would happen. Has anyone else noticed their databuddy notes vanishing or acting weird?
  • Power Suggestion
    Can power be capped? For example capped at 300,000?
  • Chat
    What about replacing chat with an off the shelf solution?
  • PvP
    We should be able to win trade experience in PvP in similar proportions to the other stats, since it is now a useful stat.
  • Maze pwned!
  • Reply all?
    Is it possible to add a "reply all" feature in smail?
  • SSW Universal Surveillance 03-18-3016: The Emperor Has Been Abandoned
  • The Ebay stuff at the bottom
    Ebay ads, what's the deal? Well, as we make plans to bring more traffic to SSW, one of the things I'll be doing is making many of the social content pages (Homeworlds, galleries, etc) Search Engine indexable and see if we can get some nice Google traffic. Along with the potential new users also comes literally thousands of browsers who will just come to look at stuff and then click away without ever signing up. My experience with the TWDB has been that if I can offer them some interesting ad to click away to, we can generate a buck or two a day in affiliate fees - basically a cut of the fee that Ebay charges a seller of an item bought on Ebay.
  • No chatty?
    Is chat broken or just disabled?
  • Cigarettes
    I'm thinking of making Cigarettes stat-neutral, so they only take away health and do not increase or decrease other stats. Thoughts?
  • lazy chefs
    Opened two laddie mo bags to find food items lovingly prepared by those master chefs - a bunch of red grapes and a blackberry. Lots of work clearly went into those :-) "Oh crap, we have to put together those Laddie Mo bags again, but I want to get out of here early. How about we just chuck these left-over ingredients in ?"
  • The New questline coming at the end of Cycle 19
    Hi. Today I'll be laying out the last of the plans we have for readying the game for a mailing to old players and a thrust at bringing new players into SSW.
  • Some words on PVP
    First a disclaimer, I am not a PVPer, I usually run rather than fight. However I am good friends with PyroAnarchist, who was once the most feared pirate of the space ways.
  • Facilities retuning
      Quote "crashnburn11":  -Factories are not the main source of drone creation anymore, so capturing enemy holdings doesn't have as much affect. Also, the current factory depletion rate when captured is so slow that it took 1-1/2 months (!) for the ES factories we had left under our control to finally implode the other day. That is a lot of time to plan out a dimit, and far more time than you need to plan out a counter attack.
  • Z Pill
    I think I would like it better if it acted more like the trade pump and dropped something that converted directly to turns, like briefcases.
  • The Hall Minotaur
    Does not wander the halls of the field of barley. Is this an intentional ommision?
  • Combo shades and necklace pls.
    If we could mix the swinger's bling with the choker cheater that would be great!
  • Planet Maze Ideas
      Quote "munk":  But wait, there's more! Mazes cost a lot of turns. Muhahaha. We've been increasing the incentives for you to do them, though, from maze-only tasty mobs to bonus loot for completing them. To sweeten the pot some more, briefcases (that mostly drop from mazes) are now more likely to pay out turns and prizes than they are to just dissolve in a flash of light.
  • SSW Game Theory going forward.
    I would like to discuss the *why* of this apparent crusade I'm currently waging against farming, because really, I'm in effect going after a certain playstyle. The reason why is two-fold:
  • End of cycle ideas
    I think there should be huge incentives to take space and win the cycle. At the current pace, I may draw social security before this one ends. be gentle with me since I do not know if these have been brought up before.
  • Your Recommended Daily Allowances
    You'll note from previous announcements that there's kind of a big shake-up happening with food and turns regeneration. In part, this is meant to address the issue of bot-farming, such that we do things to dis-incentivize bot farming while still allotting sufficient turns for the nubs and dimiters to do their questing.
  • RFE: chat command to count inventory items
    Could we get chat command to count things in inventory? It would be much more convenient than going to a new page, waiting, then scrolling (because it's not the first item that starts with what I can type).
  • Planetary Departures and Landings announced in chat?
    So, how about having it so that anytime someone blasts off a planet or lands, a system announcement is made in chat:
  • Proximity warning
    Just thinking...
  • Universal Surveillance Report: 02/27/3016 - Orange Crush falters as Grey appears...
  • Universal Surveillance Report: 02/25/3016 - Orange Crush absorbs the hits
  • jQuery Datatable Interface Dreams
    Not sure if this is the right place for this suggestion or not but here goes anyways.
  • SSW Has a Facebook Page
  • Asteroid Depletion
    So, while just sort of staring at the screen here some days back, the Galactic Ecotourist Alliance propaganda caught my eye "Stop mining asteroids - Mining is murder" and all, and that brought an idea to my mind.
  • Another possible dimit path
    Swinger, for those of us who prefer not to have a yang bonus, or even maybe to have a yang penalty.
  • Thank you SSW
    Specifically I would like to thank Munk and SewerRatz for the entertainment and education you have provided since 2006. Without you I would not have any bearing or valid opinion on what the Original James Bond mentality would be, much less appreciate the Daniel Craig persona that has since dominated the movie scene. Throughout my entire life I have seen the movies regurgitated up by Hollywood with more than a mild palette discomfort without knowing the real reason behind my indigestion, until your radio frequency queued me into the specific reasons why I disliked them. If it wasn't for your midnight airings of the Bond book to text, I would have had nothing to listen to while I made foam weapons in my basement night after night after night. I thank you from the bottom of my blackened heart for being there in my time of unknown need and being a light in the pitch black of night I had grown so used to.
  • Some 1337 item ideas
    so yeah i made a poll for this too if anyone wants to vote.
  • Laddie Moe bags
    Are Laddie Moe bags common all of a sudden? I remember that they were super valuable before, so they usually got snapped up as soon as they were available. But I just picked up 7 randomly wandering around space. I can't even remember what you can get in them that makes them so awesome.
  • Universal Surveillance Report: 01/25/3016 - The Silence is Broken
  • someone mentioned wanting random space disasters..
    It was a passing comment, and I forgot who, but the idea was floated for the occasional "act of God" sort of happenstance in space to mix things up. Think of plagues and earthquakes in your basic civ 4x or I recall that TW2002 had some sort of disaster that would randomly wreak havok on a certain sector of space.
  • Greasemonkey Scripts Using the Google Chrome Tampermonkey Extension
    I have tested these two scripts to work with chrome:
  • Describe SSW in 160 characters or less
    You know what would really get more users for the site is a good meta-description, like for Google and suchlike. How would you describe Secret Society Wars in 160 characters?
  • What happened to the mostest?
    So the intro page looks different, and I can no longer see who is the mostest. Was this intentional? I kinda liked having the info.
  • 1337 store
    is gone?
  • The future: A reset free SSW?
    I have heard many people say they were caught off guard by the lack of reset, and I was also caught off guard, but I do like the concept. The only thing that can bother me is new players would be at a perpetual big disadvantage to the old. How could we solve this?
  • Universal Surveillance Report: 12/31/3015 - The Warm-Up to Warmongering
  • The medium is the message: an SSW memorial
    Posted this on facebook, where it seems a little out of place but what the hell:
  • SSW Costume List
    Curious about what costumes are available in SSW? Consult this list!
  • SSW Recipe List
    Wanna know what all the SSW Recipes are and what goes into them? Consult this list!
  • Karma
    We start the game powerless, so too shall I end it.
  • RPS
    Great way to get ammo and Cosmonaut items? Anyone up for it?
  • So why not...
    ...throw a final tenner in the hat?
  • Throwdown over E69!
    Bring it.
  • Printing a few of these, will leave them around the local university campus
  • Space Battle Tested
    ok prydera and i tested out the space battle and it worked good. for those not sure of what this is see here:
  • Sexually Confused Enemies?
    Since creating a straight male character, I have only sex0red female encounters. For some reason, though, this still causes my character's sexuality to change randomly between straight, bisexual, and inexplicably, gay. Is there a reason behind this, or is it some sort of mistake?
  • Universal Surveillance Report: Aug 26, 3011