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ASK HERE!!! This is the place to ask questions about the game or the site.

  • Illustrated Guide to Power, UA, societies, and GEOC [or] Power gaining for Dummies
    NOTE: Illustrated part is being worked on right now.
  • How to survive in a space filled with nasty pvp'ers
    This is an addendum to This Previous Post
  • General Tips to SSW enjoyment!
    * Read everything carefully. This game has a lot of hints scattered through out the various encounters you will chance upon, be they fights, conversations, or a quick romp in the ol sack. The denizens of this universe are extremely helpful and can often hint, nay, spoiler, you the solution to a particular quest.
  • Bug reporting
    Is there still some place to report bugs?
  • Amaranth/PvP clarification
    While an Amaranth, I logged off while in space, and came back to find a PvP smail from raventree, an Oddfellow. From all the information I can find, that should not have been able to happen.
  • Data Buddy
    Does not seem to be working. I get a hung page that doesn't fix on reload.
  • Power and Alignment issues
    I was pleased to see SSW return, but as I've been playing today I've noticed that no matter what alignment an npc is I seem to be getting evil and chaos for fighting them, good and order for successful conversation and sexoring. It's making gathering power while managing my alignment quite difficult.
  • Conservatory of Angular Momentum
    So what outfit do you need to get into the Conservatory of Angular Momentum?
  • Certain user(s) not appearing on the Society ranks page
    Hi all,
  • New Players Fresh Ideas
    So we have some new players and one has to wonder...Do they have ideas? Admittedly nothing new might be ever written, but that spark, that flame that ignites passion in someone, well you just never know. So I thought I might put this here, for anyone to just say "Hey how about this?" or even, "Might it be better this way?"
  • Bo Ray M Batteries
    Does anyone know if there is a specific Drunk/Full combo that makes it more likely the Tall Shite Poop Minor will drop Bo Ray M Batteries? I have not spent less than 120 turns in the poopery to get the needed batteries. Maybe I am missing something. I wish there was a battery recipe. Like combining a C and D battery to make an M.
  • Bottle of Chocolate Liquor
    I could have sworn one of the space saloons or one of the other 'stores' sold 'bottle of chocolate liquor', though I can't find it anymore.
  • good way to kill turns
    Since I am online infrequently and not for long periods usually, I find myself having an overabundance of turns. So is there a good place to waste them quickly? I use the Power Gym already.
  • Drone weirdness
    So According to the universe snapshot I am the only 33rd degree Amaranth, but there have been drones that are not mine in space, in various different places. Is the universe snapshot hiding someone? Or is Emperor Norton dropping drones?
  • passport? advice for a newbie?
    How do I find,or make a passport?
  • My accout was reseted
    I lost all my progress!!!!
  • Price change
    So...I've been gone for a fairly long time. Last I knew, 1337 Hut items increased in price over time before vanishing. Now it appears that they only increase in price once and all the old ones are available forever.
  • Caesar Dressing
    This has dropped for me in my last 2 dimits at random and now, when I need it in the third, hell if I can remember where. Does anyone have an artfully-constructed hint I could use?