Tactical and Strategic uses for drones

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    Tactical and Strategic uses for drones
    Seems to me that people are thinking about drone warfare in fairly simplistic terms, for the most part just using them to paint blocks of sectors in their color.

    This post is meant to stir up your thinking and suggest more interesting ways to use drones and how their role in sector control can work for you.

    For the PvP'er:
    Guess what? You can use drones to TRAP people! Say you're a hotshot PvP champ and you happen to probe up a society sex0r party in space? Ooooh, look! A tasty group of plump PvP targets, all in one sector!

    But, if you jump into the middle of them and start swinging, you know that some will escape, and you can't chase them all. What to do?

    Well, why not surround them with drones? The natural inclination is to move to an adjacent sector, and if it's blocked with a large enough amount of drones, they'll get bounced back, giving you another shot at whacking them.

    For the Miner:
    If you find a nice asteroid sitting next to a port that buys the ore you're mining, protect your position with drones! If you've got drones in place, people can't probe you or jump in on you via the SpaceGate or warp. They'd have to defeat your drones to even check to see if you're there. Don't be surprised by a fight when you've got mining tools equipped, use drones to keep yourself safe!