The issue with the daily Superiority Percentage

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    The issue with the daily Superiority Percentage
    As you'll note, Triad were credited with an 80% Supremacy for yesterday, despite having their siege broken in the 14th hour. This is due to a quirk in the routine that figures this percentage, which goes like so:

    If a society has Supremacy for more than 12 hours of a day, and then suddenly is rolled back so fast in one hour that the Majority then shifts to another society (Oddfellows) *before a non-superiority sample is taken of the previous Supreme society*, then the routine only counts the last percentage recorded for the majority of hours. Thus, Triad was credited with 80% Superiority for the day, and had this been the last day rather than the fourth day, they would have won.

    Crash reminded me that this was known and looked at back in the old days, and presumably nothing done to change it. Looking at the code now, I can see why. Ick.

    For now, just be aware of this quirk. If you find yourself in a late surge on the 13th hour of the final day of a Supremacy bid, make sure you go slowly enough that a recording is sampled of the society going *below* 80% before you mop up. (: