The Planet Hedrok and strange goings-on thereupon

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    The Planet Hedrok and strange goings-on thereupon
    Way before Hedrok was a lonely placeholder planet just there to open up some space in the 800 block of the universe, there was a plan to make it a quest planet. Adsynth is now working on the preliminary content to finally do that, and Hedrok will disappear into the ether sometime soon in preparation for that makeover. Don't worry though, It'll be replaced by a new placeholder planet with a possible daily quest until Hedrok is ready.

    In the meantime, don't fret if Databuddy shows you things & people you can't yet access. It's all in the pipeline. (:
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    Well well well, this all sure has turned into much more than a reunion cycle.

    I love it. :D
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    I can't wait, I am so so glad to have SSW back.
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    sweet!!!! thanks!
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    +1 excellent good news. Would read again.