The scripts aren't working

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  • Posted By: assmoppet  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    The scripts aren't working

    I found my way back quite by accident. I didn't know the game had reopened. I was playing on chrome but remembered, scripts! I even downloaded firefox but the autogamble and warp probe launch aren't working so far. Is there a fix for it?
  • Posted By: TFwO  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    I don't use any scripts so I can't really help but I do think there was a forum post about it not too long ago. Either way, welcome back :)
  • Posted By: xKiv  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    Greasemonkey changed stuff up when firefox changed stuff up. All greasemonkey scripts need rewriting to work with the new.

    Or you could use tampermonkey or violentmonkey. Those apparently still support the old scripts.
    Tampermonkey exists for chrome too, so you didn't even need firefox in the first place.
  • Posted By: assmoppet  homeworld | blog | gallery | player profile

    Awesome! Thanks, I will try the tamper monkey.