The Yee-hawdian Sacred Scroll of Space-Combatdo for PvP'ing Popsickles

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    The Yee-hawdian Sacred Scroll of Space-Combatdo for PvP'ing Popsickles
    Blessings be upon thee, praise Crom, giver of space combat

    Young Popsickles, you have reached such a time where the sacred art of space combat shall be passed on to you. You must study and ponder upon these words, passed down from Crom to us, his children.

    Before you begin your journey as a PvP'r, you must understand the rules that govern space combat.


    1. The first rule of Space-Combatdo is, do not talk about Space-Combatdo
    2. Use Space-Combatdo to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.
    3. You can not attack Amaranth, for they have sold their soul to the dark god. Beware, however, of the Amaranthians, they are rumored to have the ability to strike you!
    4. You can not attack a severely injured Popsickle. It is against your honour and it sullies Crom.
    5. You can only attack someone once a day, to commit multiple attacks against the same Popsickle dirties the name of Crom.
    6. In the sacred Sector 1, in agreement with the pig-dog Amaranths, one will only PvP with their bare hands. It is a sacred sector, and no weapons shall be discharged.
    * The sacred sector is cleansed once a day by the henchmen of Amaranth. If you are loitering there with your weapons, the henchmen will forcibly eject you into a nearby black hole. Do not make ye this mistake!

    Now that the rules are made clear to you, here are some lessons in Space-Combatdo.


    1. DISTANCE.
    Unlike fighting on the oppressive planet surface, combat in the open freedom of space can begin at up to 800 IP away. Keep this in mind as you select thy weapon of Space-Combatdo. Each weapon has a range rating, use that information wisely so you are not left out in the wind of Crom when your enemy comes with their fruits a-flying!

    A) The stronger Popsickle has the advantage to go first. The initiative is effected by ALL of your stats.
    B) Moving in space is difficult, and when you act first, your enemy has an increased chance to move before you move again. Likewise, this is the case for you.
    C) Be warned that longer ranged weapons are clumsier and more awkward than shorter ranged weapons. They often impede your motion, and prevents you from getting the jump on your enemy!
    D) A pure body, void of perverted thoughts and the fire water is always more alert!

    3. BOOTY.
    When you crush your enemies, and see them driven before you, you may plunder their person whilst listening to the lamentations of their women. Any item that is not marked "can not be stolen from you" is fair game. Be warned! The blade of Crom cuts both ways!

    A) Offense.
    i) Always make sure you have ammo if your weapon needs ammo. The sound of "Click click click" offends the ear of Crom.
    ii) Weapons have effective range. Don't get caught out in the cold!
    iii) Master thy weapon well! How well you handle your piece will determine how dangerous you are with it!
    iv) Your health is directly linked to your weapon use in combat. The more healthy you are, the stronger you are with the weapon!

    B) defense.
    i) You are linked to a shield powered by ores. The ore which makes you healthier will protect your health in Space-Combatdo. Make sure you do not run out of ores to fuel your shield!
    ii) Know your suit well! Not all suits require a proper head covering!!
    iii) The best defense is to know your enemy! Check them out and know what you are up against before your blood lust cloud your judgment!

    Now, learn the above weapons well!!