To answer the question of which society Langers will align with:

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    To answer the question of which society Langers will align with:
    Now that discreet inquiries are being explored, I thought I'd make public my answer to all offers of military alliance. The short answer is:

    No thankyou, I do not want to join with you.

    I'm still feeling my way abouts the game and I remain uncertain about my future in it. Having said that, the return of munk's creation is offering my brainz0rs distractionary fun-funz with fixings of frivolity, feeding some welcome calm to my stress riddled grey matter. And I says g00d luckz0rs to teh bruvvah forrit.
    Cheers, munk!

    My issue is with the end-game. It doesn't look set to entirely suit my style of game-play. It involves much maths and record keeping, while my thoughts prefer a reactive leaning. That is, while playing a game, I prefer to dip my toes in the different flows and then react to what-may-come, rather than commit myself to meticulous organisation.

    I am finding myself moers interested this time around, than the 'Wars first incarnation. What I reckon I'll do is watch how things go - less a matter of keeping my options open and more a case of reconnaissance for future re-sets.

    And yea, I know that leaves me open to suspicions of double-agent tom-foolery Redford-Newman Sting-trickery. But then... maybe that is just what I am doing. MwaHaHa, only The Shadow knows. Que sera sera,

    So thanks for the offers to join joint military supremacy, but I won't be committing myself for the Grand Finale.
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    what it sounds to me you would like then is amassing a bunch of drones and just causing general mayhem whenever/where ever you choose. This makes you sort of a "wild" card that can not be bought/bribed into a team, as well as a dangerous 'wait ive changed my mind ill blow that up instead' type.

    hope you stay though......you rock
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    Could be, could be.
    0r notz0r, as the case may be.

    On a personally positive note - my weekend starts in the morning and I have me a wee treat for to toke while catching up on mah telly viewing. Not only that, but the local weather in Wales has been stunning, so when I'm good and ready, ah'ma gonna walk down the waterfront and plonk myself in a bayside pub beergarden

    Wee! Wee! Wee!
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    He probably lives in Kentucky.
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    You can hang out with me on the "not being teamy" bench Langers.
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    A floating flaming Skull 'N B0nes and a KittyKatHorseLady -
    How is can I not likes teh two of you!

    (Langers is half-way through his first weekend d00bie)

    Hee! Hee!